Sew Thankful Celebrates Christmas by Giving!

Sew Thankful

The ladies are getting ready to give out gifts to the needy children of LaBelle.  Rev. Millican delivers to the migrant workers’ camps the dresses, skirts with matching tops, and boys’ shorts and tee shirts that they make, so the children will have them for Christmas.


The quilts they make for the Yuruti Indians in Columbia, South America will be picked up in January by missionaries, Rod and Pam Kinch.  They will have a gift of 30 king size quilts for the Yurutis, which they put in insulated bags to go by canoe to the villages.


At the end of December, they will give Second Act bags for the abused women.


Every gift they make has a label with our church name and Sew Thankful as the one who made the gift and a Bible verse.


Here are some of the most recent projects of our group which benefits the needy locally and around the world: