Sew Thankful

Sew Thankful is a weekly gathering of volunteers who come together for service, fellowship and fun!  We meet each Tuesday morning to sew various items of apparel for needy families, primarily dresses and accessories for young girls.


“Hooks and Needles”

A new group for ladies who enjoy knitting and/or crocheting is meeting on Tuesdays with the Sew Thankful group.  This group is for anyone who already knows how to knit and/or crochet and for anyone who would enjoy learning to knit and/or crochet.  There are forms on the name tag table to fill out with your phone# and email, or contact Sharon Nelson-Long at 693-9815.


Children of Haiti

Our Sew Thankful Ministry has become involved with Place of Hope Orphanage in Haiti to sew dresses, skirts and tops for the girls and shorts and T-shirts for the boys.  There are 60 children and 5 of them are deaf.  There is also a need for clothes in the villages surrounding Hope Church and the orphanage.  Most of the children live in shacks with blue tarps for roofs.  There are many needs in the area.  Pastor John says some children walk three miles to attend deaf classes and weekly bible lessons.  This is just one of the ministries that Sew Thankful sews for.  We meet every Tuesday at 10 A.M.  See Pat Crysler if you have any questions.


Here are some of the most recent projects of our group which benefits the needy locally and around the world: